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Questions we hear buyers asking about Home Inspections:

1. Do I REALLY need a Home Inspection?

We've inspected thousands of properties over the years and can honestly give this advise: 

"Even if you are 'handy' around the house,

unless you are an inspector or general contractor,


Our home inspection includes more than 400 inspection items, some of which you may not even be aware of. A few examples:

  • Are baffles installed in the attic? Without proper ventilation in the attic, overheating can prematurely wear your roof covering and even void the manufacturers warranty
  • Are gas appliances properly vented? And is a CO Detector present to keep your family safe?
  • What is the Wood Moisture Level in the crawlspace? Levels of 21% or above mean conditions are ripe for mold and wood damaging fungi in your floor system and ductwork.
  • Is flashing properly installed at roof area and are shingles properly installed? (You usually need to be on the roof to confirm these)
  • Does your roof covering show signs of hail/storm damage? (Daryl is also a licensed roofing contractor and one of the few inspectors that walks most every roof. Hail/storm damage can often only be seen from the roof looking down, not from the street or a ladder at the roof's edge). With the roof being one of the most expensive systems on a home to replace, we think it's worth the extra work/equipment needed to give the roof covering a thorough inspection).
  • Are heated/cooled air temperatures consistent throughout the home? A large variation in temperatures can mean pinched lines or inadequate system capacity. 

Where our inspections cover

We have been building, repairing, maintaining and inspecting Carolina homes for more than 25 years, so we know what we're looking at, and we know what to look for

2. Does it really matter which inspector I choose? What's wrong with the company that advertises "Any Home Inspected for $199" ??

Some people think a home inspection costs money. But as many of our customers have found -- their home inspection SAVED them money!

We have found that the old adage: "You get what you pay for" is most often true and maybe never more so than when it comes to a Home Inspection.

We regularly save our clients money with their inspections. Whether a items that are negotiated in the deal and paid by the seller, builder mistakes that are caught and corrected at their expense or maintenance items we make you aware of that keep small issues from becoming big problems, the value of an EyeSpyCarolina Inspection is real.   

Do yourself a favor. Whether it's Eye Spy or another reputable Inspection Company, select someone who is licensed, bonded,

insured and has experience in home building and inspection.

You might pay a few extra dollars now, but our experience has proven since 2005 that a few dollars will almost always SAVE YOU MUCH MORE.

If you do decide that your main priority is price, let us know. We would be happy to give you the number of the lowest price inspection company in the area. (Along with a disclaimer.)

We've done several Re-Inspections for clients who thought they'd try getting away with a low-priced inspection from just those companies. We hear too many stories of 1-hour check list "inspections" (that have been described to us as "walk thru's" and major defects being missed.) 

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